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If you want to pursue a sports-related career in Canada, many institutions can offer you programs to achieve your goal. Here are a couple of examples that our team suggests for you and anybody interested in professional sports.

The University of Alberta

Bachelor of Kinesiology, Sport Coaching

For those of you that want to become a professional sports coach, this is the bachelor for you, as it has a well-rounded program that includes theory and practice. If you chose to study Sports Coaching at the University of Alberta, you will be able to take advantage of the latest technology for researching and learning and their interactive programs.

You can study for this bachelor online and it lasts 4 years only, with a yearly cost of approximately $30,000 for tuition fees.

Douglas College

Physical Education and Coaching, B.Sc.

Becoming a physical education teacher or a fitness professional, maybe even a community sports coach, is possible if you get this bachelor. It has a full-time duration of 4 years, during which you will learn about fitness assessment & prescription, contemporary health issues, health promotion, and many other related topics.

To be admitted you need to have at least 9 credits in Sports Science, BIOL 1109, as well as other academic requirements, all related to the bachelor. The cost of each credit is 375 Euros.