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IPGWIN is a website dedicated to sharing knowledge, history, news, and facts about Canadian sports and Canadian athletes. It is updated regularly, and you can find data on any kind of sports that are played in the country, regardless of how little known they might be.

Our Founder

Joann J. Cote is a fitness trainer to several athletes in Canada and she is rather fond of the NHL and curling, given that she has trained a few players. Being a woman, she has always noticed how little awareness there is about females in most sports and she likes to research to provide support when needed.

Our Goals

She put our team together after learning that it isn’t only female athletes and teams that are little known, but many teams and athletes in Canadian sports are unknown. Since she is far from an expert in sports, she hired us to help her out with what she doesn’t know all that well and we have endeavoured to talk about topics like the history of sports.

We want everybody in the world to know the high-quality athletes that Canada has and also the history of how we got here. Getting their names out there is paramount to make these sports profitable careers and keep on making it a prosperous industry in the country.

Our Future

The whole team is committed to achieving worldwide recognition as a top website to turn to when wishing to learn a bit more about Canadian sports and athletes.