Second career program at IPGWIN Institute of Technology provides you with an opportunity to be professionally successful and choose a more satisfying career.

Second Career is an Ontario Government program that enables laid-off residents of Ontario to get a new job in high-demand professions. You can get the financial support for books, tuition fees, travel, transportation, living expenses, etc. If you are looking for a new career in growing sectors, Ontario second career program can help you.

The economy is not getting any better and more and more people are looking for Government assistance. Second career program help people to get a better education and find a good job. You can get your life back on the track by opting for second career program in Ontario. You do not need to go to a school. You can take up a course or training and it would put you in a better position to find work.

What you need to do?

Contact Government Employment Centers close to your home.

Attend one of our information sessions where we will share information on the following:

  • Second Career information
  • How to find the nearest Government Employment Center to your home?
  • How to apply online for a program offered at Seneca?
  • Admission requirements
  • Academic upgrading
  • General OSAP information
  • Government access grants
  • Scholarships, bursaries and awards
  • Continuing Education

Should you have any questions about Second Career Ontario Program, please contact our admission counselor today.

Second Career