Outline Hours Topics Weight
22 Cisco VoIP Implementations 20
22 Introducing VoIP Networks
Digitizing and Packetizing Voice
Encapsulating Voice Packets for Transport
Calculating Bandwidth Requirements
Implementing Voice Support in an Enterprise Network
22 Introduction to IP QoS 20
22 Introducing QoS
Identifying Models for Implementing QoS
Identifying Methods for Implementing QoS
22 Implement the DiffServ QoS Model 20
22 Introducing Classification and Marking
Using NBAR for Classification
Introducing Queuing Implementations
Configuring WFQ
Configuring CBWFQ and LLQ
Introducing Congestion Avoidance
Introducing Traffic Policing and Shaping
Understanding WAN Link Efficiency Mechanisms
Implementing QoS Preclassify
Deploying End-to-End QoS
22 Implement Wireless Scalability 20
22 Implementing WLAN QoS
Introducing 802.1x
Configuring Encryption and Authentication on Lightweight
Access Points
Managing WLANs
22 Implement Cisco AutoQoS 20
22 Introducing Cisco AutoQoS
Mitigating Common Cisco AutoQoS Issues