Outline Hours Topics Weight
20 Network and Teleworker Connectivity 20
20 Describing Topologies for Facilitating Remote Connections
Describing Cable Technology
Describing DSL Technology
Configuring the CPE as the PPPoE or PPPoA Client
20 Frame Mode MPLS Implementation 20
20 Introducing MPLS Networks
Assigning MPLS Labels to Packets
Implementing Frame Mode MPLS
Describing MPLS VPN Technology
20 IPsec VPNs 20
20 Understanding IPsec Components and IPsec VPN Features
Implementing Site-to-Site IPsec VPN Operations
Configuring IPsec Site-to-Site VPN Using SDM
Configuring GRE Tunnels over IPsec
Configuring High-Availability Options
Configuring Cisco Easy VPN and Easy VPN Server Using SDM
Implementing the Cisco VPN Clien
30 Cisco Device Hardening 20
30 Mitigating Network Attacks
Disabling Unused Cisco Router Network Services and Interfaces
Securing Cisco Router Installations and Administrative Access
Mitigating Threats and Attacks with Access Lists
Configuring AAA on Cisco Routers
20 Cisco IOS Threat Defense Features 20
20 Introducing the Cisco IOS Firewall
Implementing Cisco IOS Firewalls
Introducing Cisco IOS IPS
Configuring Cisco IOS IPS