Outline Hours Topics Weight
16 Configuring EIGRP 16
16 Introducing EIGRP
Implementing and Verifying EIGRP
Configuring Advanced EIGRP Options
Configuring EIGRP Authentication
Using EIGRP in an Enterprise Network
16 Configuring OSPF 14
16 Introducing the OSPF Protocol
OSPF Packet Types
Configuring OSPF Routing
OSPF Network Types
Link-State Advertisements
OSPF Route Summarization
Configuring OSPF Special Area Types
Configuring OSPF Authentication
16 The IS-IS Protocol 14
16 Introducing IS-IS and Integrated IS-IS Routing
Performing IS-IS Routing Operations
Configuring Basic Integrated IS-IS
16 Manipulating Routing Updates 14
16 Operating a Network Using Multiple IP Routing Protocols
Configuring and Verifying Route Redistribution
Controlling Routing Update Traffic
Implementing Advanced Cisco IOS Features: Configuring DHCP
16 Implementing BGP 14
16 Explaining BGP Concepts and Terminology
Explaining EBGP and IBGP
Configuring Basic BGP Operations
Selecting a BGP Path
Using Route Maps to Manipulate Basic BGP Paths
16 Implementing Multicast 14
16 Explaining Multicast
IGMP and Layer 2 Issues
Explaining Multicast Routing Protocols
Multicast Configuration and Verification
14 Implementing IPv6 14
14 Introducing IPv6
Defining IPv6 Addressing
Implementing Dynamic IPv6 Addresses
Using IPv6 with OSPF and Other Routing Protocols
Using IPv6 with IPv4